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CSR・Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policies

Environmental Philosophy

FUJICON aims to broadly contribute to the society through production activities and supply of products giving consideration to the global environment as a developer, manufacturer and distributor of electronic components.
Moreover, our company is committed to active environmental preservation giving consideration to the environment in all activities under the concept of “Company friendly to the Earth and life.”

Course of Action

We seriously take issues surrounding the global environment such as global warming, ozone depletion and contamination by industrial wastes and hazardous chemical substance, and comply with various environmental laws, regulations, rules and other requirements agreed upon by FUJICON.
In addition, we strive to foster high environmental consciousness by active participation in activities to maintain and restore natural sceneries and the ecosystem.
To this end, FUJICON is committed to continuously improving the following aspects and preventing any contamination by creating and operating environmentally-friendly systems.

1. Reduction and effective utilization of wastes
2. Recycling of resources
3. Reduction of products that use hazardous chemical substances
4. Promotion of green purchase
5. Raised environment consciousness
6. Reduction in consumption energy

Ukyo Ohshima
President and CEO

Environmental Activities

Regional environmental preservation activities

The municipality, local residents and FUJICON cooperate in clearing activities such as mowing, collection of garbage and elimination of gravels from green belts in the Shimokurechi area, Nishikatsura Town, Minamitsurugun, Yamanashi, where FUJICON owns YAMANASHI Business Office. FUJICON regularly participates in environmental preservation activities in local communities.

Initiatives for protection of resources

・The lighting in the Yamanashi Business Office has been converted completely to LED. This results in the reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to approximately 1,500kg per month.
・Wastes are sorted to various types for recycling
・Idling-stop activities

Idling STOP! FUJICON promotes idling-stop activities. We ask for your understanding when you visit us by car.

Acquisition of ISO14001

ISO 14001

Yamanashi Business Office

Date of acquisitionSeptember 8, 2006
Certification organizationTÜV SÜD Japan
Certification number12 104 20758 TMS

Handling of Hazardous Chemical Substances

Compliance with RoHS

The products listed in the website comply with RoHS6 (Directive 2011/68/EU).

  • 1. Lead and lead compound (Maximal permissible level:1,000ppm)
  • 2. Mercury and mercury compound (Maximum permissible level:1,000ppm)
  • 3. Cadmium and cadmium compound (Maximum permissible level:100ppm)
  • 4. Hexavalent chromium compound (Maximum permissible level:1,000ppm)
  • 5. PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl)
  • 6. PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ether)

Please contact us for any question about additional substances other than the six substances listed above.

Indication for packing under RoHS (2011/68/EU)

Indication of products in compliance with RoHS Unified as RoHS Compliance
RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance
Printed on seal bag
RoHS Compliance

With regard to RoHS compliance indications revised after 2015, FUJICON will update them as needed after the ECHA is announced officially.

Indication of products in non-compliance with RoHS
This is non-RoHS Compliance product.

Inquiry about Hazardous Substances

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