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QTemperature and humidity for use of products

Please refer to the following table, since the conditions are different depending on materials used.

●Range of temperature for general use (storage) (paper symbol (excluding fiber and board paper))

MaterialRange of temperature for use (storage)
PBT / PPS / Polycarbonate-40~90〔℃〕
Phenol resin-30~80〔℃〕
Chloroethene cover-20~50〔℃〕
Nylon 66-40~80〔℃〕
●Relative humidity45~85〔%〕
QSales channels of FUJICON products
APlease contact us through [Purchase of Product] in the section of inquiry. We will recommend a distributor nearby.
QCompliance of products in this website with RoHS

The products listed in the website comply with RoHS6 (Directive 2011/68/EU).

  • 1. Lead and lead compound (Maximal permissible level:1,000ppm)
  • 2. Mercury and mercury compound (Maximum permissible level:1,000ppm)
  • 3. Cadmium and cadmium compound (Maximum permissible level:100ppm)
  • 4. Hexavalent chromium compound (Maximum permissible level:1,000ppm)
  • 5. PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl)
  • 6. PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ether)

Please contact us for any question about additional substances other than the six substances listed above.